Mojo Pics

I have more that need to be organized before posting.  Images below are clickable.

Mojo is berthed in our community on Deep Creek on the Magothy river,  just  off of the Chesapeake Bay north of Annapolis.
Lying Deep Creek Spring of  2003Anchor and Sail Still on DeckMojo Wintering in Deep CreekSnowy Mojo spending the winter in her slip
      In Her Slip                               Gear Not Yet Put Away                Skipjack in the Background                Weathering the Snow

Sailing in the good company of my Tillerpilot.  Yes the teak was neglected, but I did get to it (sailing is more fun than "teaking").  View From AftClose ReachingView From ForedeckCockpit
     Stern View with #3 Jib                Close Reach               I'm Sitting on the Bow            Home Again After a Nice Sail

In the boatyard June 2007
 SternBottom PrepBottom PaintedTumblehome
      Stern View During Prep                      Bottom Prepped                    Starboard Bottom Painted!         Notice Mojo's Tumblehome  

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