Replacement Rudder and Tiller Head

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The black piece is a rubber plug in the center of the hollow rudder post.
The head clamps around the rudder post.
A socket head screw runs through the split portion of the block and provides the clamping force.
A roll pin is fitted through both head and post serves to secure the joint against slipping.
A separate “H-shaped” Tiller Head piece holds the wooden tiller and attaches to the rudder head block with a bolt, forming a hinge.
A locking nut on the hinge bolt is adjusted for the desired up and down joint resistance.
A teflon washer is placed between under the Rudder Head.

Tiller and Rudder Head
  • A stainless block is fashioned to clamp around the rudder post.  The outside width of the block should closely match the tiller width.
  • A hole closely fit to the rudder post OD is bored top down in the center and a slot is cut to it from the front of the block.
  • Another hole is cross-drilled through the slot for the clamp bolt. 
  • One side of the hole is opened and countersunk to clear a  socket head bolt. The other side is threaded to accept the bolt.
    Tightening the bolt squeezes the slot and thereby clamps the post.
  • A hole is match-drilled through the block and center of the rudder post to accept a roll pin, and the pin is installed.  The roll pin is an interference fit and must be tapped or squeezed into place.
  • An H-shaped piece to form the tiller head must be fabricated.  One set of legs of the H will clamp to the tiller, the other set will fit along side and be bolted to the rudder head at the back end.  It is important that the H legs closely fit their mating parts.
  • A snug clearance hole for the hinge bolt is cross-drilled through the back of the block. A locking nut with nylon insert (Nyloc) is used to secure the hinged Tiller Head to the Rudder Head block theough the hole.  The tiller is attached with three evenly-spaced bolts through the legs and tiller.

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