Dan Zee's Car History

I developed an attraction to cars during my high school years. My interests over the years moved from hot rods, to sports and open-wheel cars, to sport sedans. I visited the GP mecca of Monaco in 1965 and toured many parts of the street course in my rented Renault R8-1100 sedan. My wife, Louise, and I often went to Watkins Glen when we lived in Upstate New York. At that time we drove one of the few two-seat AMX cars produced from 1968-1970 (about 20,000). We bought ours in 1970 and I reluctantly sold it about 20 years later.

We have had a variety of BMWs in the family since 1986 and I am a member of the BMW Car Club of America (BMWCCA). Louise and I currently own two 5-series models and a 3-series AWD wagon. My son Paul drives a 3-series as well. I have a gained a modest knowledge of the mechanicals and have accumulated enough tools to do some real damage.

My first BMW was a new white 325i in 1986. The car was hit in a T-bone accident in 1995. Although shaken, I drove it home afterwards. The 325i had been pristine for 180,000 miles. A new 525i replaced it. Some years later Paul and I flew to Saint Louis and picked up the 528i. We had a great road trip back. I enjoyed visiting my old stomping grounds of Washington University before we left St. Louis. The photo in front of Rigazzi's was taken there. Paul has owned a red e30 body style 318is, a Z-3 roadster, a green e30 318ic convertible, a blue 2004 325i, and now a white 428iGT. I guess we share an affinity for cars!

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