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Early Life and Formal EducationSchools
I grew up in White Plains, New York and graduated from White Plains High School in 1960. I was an undergraduate at Washington University in Saint Louis and at the New Jersity Institute of Technology where I earned a BSEE. I was awarded a Masters's of Engineering Administration from the George Washington University in D.C some years later.

I worked as an assembler/wireman, technician, engineering aide, and liquor store and deli clerk in my student days. In my professional career I held positions of increasing responsiblity in design engineering, program management, and business area management, finally retiring from corporate life as the director of a specialized areospace product area. Areas of application ranged from underseas to space. My primary work was with the U.S DOD and its allies, but I spent some time in the emerging Intelligent Transportation arena in the early 1990's. I retired from my Aerospace job in September 2008. I now spend some of my time as a volunteer docent at the National Electronics Museum, where I conduct workshops and tours as part of the Museum's education program. I enjoy it very much and it keeps me in touch with many of my hardware "children" exhibited in the Museum. Much of my retirement is spend in activities associated with my lifelong hobby of amatuer radio and wireless communications.

My wife, Louise, and I have been happily married since 1967. We first lived in Western New York state and later moved to Annapolis. We had intended to stay in Maryland for only a year but never left! Both of our sons were born in Annapolis. Each have their own families and lives. They have given us six lovely grandchildren whoi have grown up nearby and who are a source of great joy.

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RRCALouise's primary avocation for many years was running. She is a many times marathon runner and a two time JFK 50-Mile Run finisher. Louise was a volunteer official at the US Naval Academy and at various running events and served as a coach in children's running programs. Some years ago her focus shifted to being a very active volunteer member of the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center (CBEC) staff. Louise helps in a variety of ways and especially enjoys conducting educational activities with youngsters and caring for the center's adopted raptors. The birds are owls and hawks that can no longer fuction alone in the wild.

My hobbies revolve around amateur radio, sailing, and automobiles (to a lesser degress these days).

PSIA Skiing was a significant part of my life in earlier years. I worked as a part-time instructor, Ski School supervisor and trainer for 27 years, retiring from active professional skiing in 1998. I earned a Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) Level III Certification in 1978. I was an area representative for a major ski company for most of my skiing career. Louise and both our sons ski.

PHRFI served as president, chief handicapper, and area handicapper of PHRF of the Chesapeake, a fleet in the largest sailboat racing class in the world. Our thirty-foot sloop, Mojo, had the good fortune to be a regional High Point champion and to take first place in the Governor's Cup and other distance races on the Chesapeake Bay. I sail Mojo mostly single-handed now. See the tabs under Sailing for more information about Mojo and the Helms 30 in general.

QCWAI have been a radio amateur or "ham" since the age of 13. I contact other hams all over the world using morse code, voice, and digital modes of communication. Morse code is my first love and my passion. My amateur radio story has its own page. My son, Paul, is a radio amateur too.

BMAWCCAI developed an attraction to cars during my high school years. Over time, my interests moved from hot rods, to sports and open-wheel cars, and lastly to sport sedans. Louise and I often went to Watkins Glen when we lived in Upstate New York. I visited the GP mecca of Monaco in 1965 and toured many parts of the street course in my rented Renault R8-1100. I am a member of the BMW CCA (NCC Chapter) . We have always had one or more BMWs in the family since 1986. I have a gained a modest amount of knowledge of the mechanicals and have accumulated enough tools to do some real damage.

I try to periodically update this page and add links. I think the Bio page is probably of little interest most people but am going to indulge in the fantasy of thinking that someone moight read it.

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