K2YWE Amateur Radio Info

Vital Statistics - Extra class. First licensed as novice KN2YWE in 1956

I used to listen to the awesome signal from NSS for code practice or just the sheer joy of hearing "perfect" CW. I worked NSS on CW during Armed Forces Day one year. What a thrill to hear that big signal come back to me. When I moved to Annapolis , one of the first things I did was visit the facility. Sadly it is now defunct, and but a few minor towers  remain.

99% CW Operation

Moderate diminishing proficiency in American Morse
Occasional lapses to AM and SSB, and lately even RTTY and PSK31

I usually use my club call in contests, K3AU, issued in 2004

The e in my "real" call seems to get lost both on CW and phone.
The callsign belongs to the South Shore Amateur Radio Club of Maryland
The Club is dedicated to furthering Amateur Radio, CW, and Contesting. SSARC (MD) is a FISTS club.

Interest in contesting (scores here) re-emerged several years ago

Active at home (single Op low power) and occasionally at Multi-op stations.
I use CT most of the time, but also have registered versions of NA and TRLog and fiddle around with N1MM.
I built what I call a "Bone Simple SO2R Box" for receive audio to get my feet wet in SO2R operation. Maybe you will find my design useful.

I put together some presentations on Contesting, especially for Little Pistols

Concentrated on doing well with modest stations, but there's good stuff in there for all contesters regardless of station capability. They are PowerPoint slide shows (.pps) that can be viewed using the Powerpoint Viewer, free from Microsoft if you need it. I intend to make these presentations available for HTML viewing on this site, but I have not gotten around to it. They are animated. If you have the bandwidth and a little patience, just click here . . .
  • Contest Introduction and More
  • Contesting Tips for Little Pistols, and others too, for Dayton Contest University 2104
  • Contest Best Practices excerpted from "Little Pistols"
  • Contesting Intro given to ARCNEM Jan 2012, and others too
  • Member of PVRC , FISTS , CWOPS , SKCC , FOC, ARCNEM , and ARRL

    PVRC-CARA W3AO Field Day June 2009 Photo Gallery
    W3AO has produced the top FD score since 1999.
    The team pays much attention to detail and puts in major preparation, set-up, operation, support, and take-down efforts
    We operate as a networked Multi-Multi with operations from 160m-Light (Laser), Satellite, and a separate GOTA station mentored by KE3Q.
    I have operated the 80CW station since 2000.  Fred, K3ZO,  joined me on 80CW in 2008 and WK3A pitched in in 2012.

    A limited view of my Station, the DX/Contest Hound and Chief Op

    Not earth-shattering performance, but gets me a few multipliers during contests.
    I sometimes use a single-direction (EU) K9AY or the 40m Delta on receive for better 160m SNR than the "C," but I need to rig a better preamp for them.
    This relatively small antenna never ceases to amaze me with its excellent performance
    C3SS shakedown SWR measurements taken in 2001 at 29 feet.

    It's now up at 40 feet and I need to take new measurements with non-metallic guy wires.

    When the spirit moves me and I have room, I fire up the older stuff

    I hate to throw anything away, but I've been divesting myself of some of my older gear.  I still have a . . . 

    Photo of Dan hisself with rig in late 1950's
    Me as a young punk. Photo taken for a Westchester (NY) Amateur Radio Association membership meeting.

    Photo of Dan's ham shack in the mid 1960's
    SX-100, HT-37, HQ-110 and other stuff

    Being a CW freak, I have . . .

    Good 'Ole Ham Friends (K2YWE, N4JR, K2XX, high school chums at Hamvention)

    C3SS beam shakedown measurements taken in 2001

    Contest Presentations

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