I didn't pay much attention to skiing until I got out of college, even though I had been on skis a few times when I was growing up.   After moving to Rochester, New York I fell in with a group or my collegues that often went night skiing after work.  I quickly became addicted and spent many hours on the freezing night time slopes of Bristol Mountain.  It wasn't long before we started spending winter weekends and vacations skiing in New England, upstate New York, and Canada.  We skiied from Mt. Tremblant down to southern Vermont, with the most time in Mt. Snow and Whiteface montain.   I spent a winter between engineering jobs skiing in ski areas not too far from New York city.  Then I got an engineering job in Annapolis.

I found local skiing in nearby Pennsylvania to keep my feet in the snow after the move.   In 1973 I got a part-time job as one of the first instructors at the new Ski Liberty ( now Liberty Mountain) ski area in Fairfield, Pennsylvania.  Our director was a big wig in the Canadian SKi Instructors Alliance (CSIA), so that was our affiliation for two years.  I joined the CSIA in an entry level position after spending a week in clinics and exams near Mt. Tremblant at the Greyrocks.  Suddenly we became an American school, and my affiliation change to the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA).  I joined PSIA and passed my full certification (now called Level III) in 1978.  That same year I was appointed a Supervisor, and took my turn at managing elements of the Ski School as it grew over the next two decades.  I taught clinics for instructors and candidates as well as the skiing public.  It was a labor of love, although sometime the supervisory aspect was a bit like hearding cats.  In addition to skiing extensively along the east coast, I  was able to visit and ski all over the country with ski industry hospitality during my travels in my "real" job as an engineer.   

I have learned an awful lot about skiing and ski teaching from a number of great skiers over my career.  I continued to attend workshops for a few years after I retired from pro skiing,  but have not done so recently.  I miss it.

I became affiliated with Fischer of America as an area representative early on.  I represented Fishcer Skis, Dynafit boots (discontinued in 1998), Leki poles, and Carerra eyewear for much of my skiing career.  The Ski School and Fischer affiliations enabled me to keep the whole family skiing without going broke.   It was a great association since I passionately believed in the products.

Both of my sons have been on skis since they were two years old.  The three of us exploring mountains together are among my fondest memories.  One son was a part-time instructor for a time with his own little guys to take skiing, the othee skied when he could.   Yes,  my wife was a skier too, with many miles under her skis.


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