Mojo and her Equipment

Mojo - 1978 Helms 30 designed by John Holmes
Lead Keel, Opening Ports, Internal halyards, Coaming Compartments, Yanmar YSB-12 Diesel Layout includes: One quarter berth, two salon berths, and two V-berths; fold-down table; gimbaled stove; galley sink and pump, enclosed head with marine head, sink, pump; hanging locker.

Sails and Sail Handling Gear
Current Headsail Inventory

#1 Genoa    full hoist    155% LP, radial luff                             3.5 oz Dacron
#2 Genoa    full hoist    135% LP                   
                         5.0 oz Dacron
#3 Genoa    full hoist    110% LP                                            5.0 oz Dacron
Storm Jib    partial hoist, wire luff                                            7.0 oz Dacron
Spinnaker   Tri-Radial 
MGW=1.8xJ SL=0.95 x SQRT(I2 + J2)   3.0 oz Ripstop
Helms 30 Sailplan
Crosscut 5.0 oz Dacron
1 Full Batten
3 Partial Battens

Two Sets of Reef Points

Halyards (all stored on mast-mounted halyard collector)
Main - 3/8 T-900
Port Genoa - 7/16 XLS
Stbd Genoa - 7/16 XLS
Spinnaker - 7/16 XLS
(main topping - 5/16)

Primary Cockpit                    (2) Merriman Holbrook #40 aluminum 2-speed
Merriman Brothers Logo
Secondary Cockpit                (2) Lewmar #25 aluminum 2-speed
Port Headsail Halyard            (1) Lewmar #16 aluminum 2-speed

Starboard Headsail Halyard    (1) Lewmar #16 aluminum 2-speed
Main Halyard                        (1) Barient #10 aluminum

LewmarOnly Lewmar is still in businesss.  Lewmar bought Barient and Barlow a while back.  It's too bad, Barient winches were "top Drawer."  Basic maintenance kits for Barient winches are readily available.  Merriman went out of business a long time ago.  Some parts are still available in the secondary market, but it's getting harder.

Mainsheet Tackle
Mid-Boom 6:1 using
Harken Carbo Blocks on boom with Sail Speed Fiddle on traveler.
4 foot Nicro 1-1/4" Travler

Boom Vang
Boomkicker solid vang with
5:1 Schaeffer #5 tackle

Cunningham Tackle - 5:1 Schaeffer #5

Spinnaker Gear
3-1/2" diameter Forespar Pole with XP Piston Ends
4 foot of 1 inch Mast Track with Spring-Pin SS Car
Mast-mounted Sheet Stopper
Pole Foreguy Block at Stem Head. Foreguy remote to cockpit
Pole Lift Block at spreader height. Pole Lift remote to cockpit.

Genoa Lead
(4) Merriman-Holbrook P-3 Snatch Block with Trunion Snap Shackle

Spinnaker Lead
(2) 2-1/2" Nicro Blocks with Snap Shackles
(2) 2-1/2" Nicro Turning Blocks

Hydraulic Backstay Adjuster - ROM 41-4

Misc. Twingers (Barber-hauler), lines and Blocks
Used primarily for in-hauling jibs and spinnaker stabilization

Electronics and Optics
VHF FM Radio/Hailer with mast-top Larsen 5/8 wave SS antenna
SR Mariner Analog Knotmeter (through hull 'ducer)
SR Mariner DDM-1 Digital Depth Sounder (internally mounted 'ducer)
SR Mariner KT-5 Analog Knotmeter with custom homebrew circuitry (through hull 'ducer)
SR Mariner Analog Apparent Wind Angle
Northstar 550 GPS Chartplotter with external antenna
Sunnto Bulkhead Tactical Compass
Ritchie Hand Bearing Compass
(2) pr Binoculars
Simrad Tillerpilot - Cockpit mounted, removable
Dwyer hand held Wind Gauge

Ground Tackle
13-lb Danforth with 4 feet of chain and 150 ft 3/8" three-strand nylon rode
22-lb Danforth with 6 feet chain and 150 ft 1/2" three-strand nylon rode

5 Inch Foredeck Cowl Vent above forepeak locker on starboard side. Alternate close-off
deck plate.
Can store anchor line in forepeak and run rode through cowl vent to the anchor.
Starboard and Port Opening Ports in the head.
Forward and Aft facing vents above transom.  Exhaust blower.

Bilge Pumps 
Electric Rule 1500 GPH in bilge with automatic float switch. Go2Marine
16 GPM cockpit-mounted Rule 148 with removable handle. 
Portable Thirsty Mate 136 hand pump ~10 GPM

Through-Hull Fittings
All through-hull fittings except above waterline scuppers were replaced with flush-mount bronze types
Engine Coolant Intake, Galley Sink Drain, Head Outlet (on Y-valve to holding tank), Head Sink Drain, Head Water Inlet.
Fitted with Groco bronze seacocks and valves.

(Knotmeter uses OE-supplied plastic through-hull fitting)
Martec Site
Folding Prop - Martec Eliptec Mk II bronze 15x9x1 Left Hand

Steering Gear 

Replacement rudder fabricated on 1.5" OD Tube.
Bearings changed for new post diameter and custom rudder/tiller head fabricated.
Gore Website
GFO Shaft Log Packing - Gore GFO has proven dripless and trouble free.
There is only one retail dealer in the U.S.A. for small quantities of the woven "rope-style" packing.  
What the major chains carry is not the same thing.

Fuel Tank

OE original replaced with 18 gallon plastic Tempo tank.  Added a 15 GPH Racor filter to augment the Yamar filter.

Two lead-acid (liquid) batteries with Off-One-Both-Two switch

Misc Gear
Horseshoe Buoy with large ACR automatic Strobe, line, drogue chute, and whistle
12V Corded and Rechargable Spotlights
Electric Interior Fan
Cockpit Folding Table
5-Step Ladder - Fittings on port side cockpit topsides near cockpit
Windscoop (home made)
Awning (cheesy tarp) with telescoping aluminum batten
Three-section boathook
10" Radar corner reflector
Tapered wooden plugs to roughly match through-hull fittings
Cable Cutter
Two First Aid Kits
    Minor injury kit (band aids etc) for everyday use, periodically maintained
    More serious kit kept closed in readiness for real need
Several throw-away flashlights for individual crew use
Two 6V latern-battery flashlights
Hardware and Spares kits (pins, winch parts, fuses, hardware, electrical fittings . . .)
Hand tools, including cord for tethers during underwater work Harnesses and tethers (as well as PFDs)
Brownie's Third Lung 12V Hooka compressor, hose and regulator,  as well as free-diving gear.
Boat Fenders and line with float

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